How to use different performance pipe cutters

Update:12 Sep 2020

Use of quick internal cutting pipe cutter 1. Put the cu […]

Use of quick internal cutting pipe cutter

1. Put the cutter head into the square hole of the cutter bar of the pipe cutter (pay attention to the cutting direction), adjust the extension length of the cutter head, (just if the pipe of the cut specification can be inserted smoothly) tighten the head screw and fix it Good head. Then adjust the size A between the cutter head and the support sleeve to ≥ 10 tube sheet thickness, and lock the support sleeve.

2. Insert the hexagonal drive shaft at the tail of the pipe cutter into the chuck of the electric drill and clamp it.

3. Turn on the power of the electric drill, hold the handle of the electric drill with one hand, and use your index finger to control the switch of the electric drill, and hold the jacket of the pipe cutter with the other hand. In the pipe head to be cut, the support jacket is pressed against the pipe plate, the electric drill switch is pressed, and the hand holding the electric drill is pushed forward horizontally and evenly until the pipe is cut, and then the machine stops and exits, ready to cut a pipe head.

Structural features of heavy hydraulic pipe cutter

1. Lightweight design, light and easy to carry, large diameter pipes on-site cutting have unique advantages

2. The combination of neck-loaded adjustable bearings and reinforced bottom bearing races can improve reliability and operating functions. The fixing system can easily buckle the pipeline to be processed

3. Fastening parts, simple requirements, only a spanner of specifications can be adjusted

4. When the pipeline is stationary, the cutting and beveling are completed by rotating the cutter

5. The cut is not deformed, has no burrs, and is always kept clean. It is more suitable for occasions requiring high-quality welding

6. Power equipment, multiple options, different areas and different environments are equipped with motors of different voltages or driven by engines, which can be used for field operation without power configuration

7. Use quick connector to connect with hydraulic station, plug and play, convenient and quick

8. Cutting pipe material: plastic pipe, copper, brass, iron, ordinary steel, aluminum, high-quality steel, stainless steel and titanium, etc.

Performance characteristics of automatic heat shrinkable tube cutter

1. Length and speed can be adjusted continuously

2. Automatic batch accumulation and total accumulation counting

3. Adjustable cutting speed, full Chinese liquid crystal display, controlled by a microcomputer program, with an accuracy of 0.1mm

4. Automatically shut down when lack of material, no one is on duty

5. Batch pause and delay time can be set

6. It can automatically cut various tubular and ribbon-shaped materials;

7. High-speed stepping motor controls the length of the pipe cutting; the length and speed of the tape are adjustable;

8. Cutter time protection; total number setting; splitting setting; splitting pause time adjustable;

9. Equipped with various manual operations to facilitate debugging;

The automatic heat shrinkable tube cutter is generally widely used for high-speed cold semi-cutting of strip. Its notable features are high precision, low loss, model design conforms to ergonomic principles, simple operation and high automation.