Several ways of welding plastic pipe joints

Update:10 Oct 2020

Generally speaking, the construction of plastic pipe jo […]

Generally speaking, the construction of plastic pipe joints mostly adopts welding mode, whether it is pipe fittings welding, electrothermal welding or plastic extrusion welding torch welding, all of them are melted and connected by heating the material and the pipe surface.
Welding of plastic pipe fittings usually refers to the connection of Haval sleeves, such as common gas pipes and HDPE pressure pipes used in water supply pipes. Electric heat fusion pipe fittings are usually welded. Of course, there are also fusion welding using heat fusion butt welding machines. When the pipe surface is damaged, the plastic extrusion welding gun is usually used for repair tools, but only for small repairs. After all, such pipes are usually pressure-bearing pipes and need to be safe and reliable.
Electrothermal welding is usually used in municipal drainage and sewage fields and oil and gas pipeline joints. This is currently the most popular connection method in China. It is characterized by low cost, high reliability, and easy construction. However, there are also unstable factors in the welding of electric hot melt. For example, the location of the electrode is a place that is more likely to cause water leakage. In daily operations, the construction party usually reinforces the welding of electric hot melt belts, that is, uses plastic extrusion welding torches for sealing operations to ensure the tightness of the pipe joints.
The emergence and use of plastic extrusion welding torch is an inevitable trend in the development of the plastics industry. Its principle is based on a large extruder. We can think of it as a small extruder, and its working principle is the same as an extruder. The material is melted and extruded and the work is carried out through the specific shape of the mold. Plastic extrusion welding torches are widely accepted by various plastic industries because of their small size and portability. The industries involved include plastic pipe construction and repair, automobiles, advertising, environmental construction and road construction.