What is the welding machine called

Update:19 May 2020

Three types of welding machines you need to know   […]

Three types of welding machines you need to know


1. Spot welding machine

Spot welding machines are usually used to manufacture and repair vehicles, and the basic principle is very simple. Their job is a bit like a staple gun:

Two copper electrodes pressed against a layered metal plate
Electric current flows freely through copper, but welded steel or aluminum prevents this flow
Resistance friction heating metal
When melted, two (or more) slices fuse together
The spot welder will continue to pinch the metal for a while during the cooling process, and then leave a solid gold block to fix the metal block
If you have ever seen the skeleton of a car, you may have noticed circular spots connecting the parts. That is spot welding. When collision technicians replace part of the frame, they use this type of welding machine to install new parts. For more information on spot welding machines, please refer to "Store Basics: Body Spot Welding Machines".

2. Brazing / MIG welding machine

The MIG (also known as gas metal arc welding [GMAW]) welding machine's "hot melt glue gun" is used to fuse two pairs of metals that are joined together flat or at an angle to form a joint. Use MIG welding machine:

You clamp the electrode to the metal to be processed.
The machine feeds the welding wire steadily into the spray gun and reaches the metal.
The metal wire is used as a second electrode, forming an arc between the metal wire and the metal, forming a pool, and fusing the metal blocks together.
The so-called shielding gas is also released through the spray gun. As the name suggests, this gas protects the weld from contamination.
Welding with MIG welding machines is usually very simple and requires some practice, but there are a few things that make management easier:

Lightweight welding torch: The welding machine controls the feeding speed of the welding wire, but the operator can control the speed of the welding torch. If you are using a light and not bulky product, this process will become easier.
Push / pull torch: Especially when welding aluminum and other materials with thinner welding wire, it may be bent because it is pushed out by the wire feeder on the machine. Push / pull torches increase the pulling force to produce pulling force in the wire, and reduce the possibility of bending and welding chaos.
Soft start function: This setting can be used for welding machines such as MULTIMIG 522, which feeds the welding wire slowly at the beginning of the weld to make the start more stable.


3. Stud welding machine

It sounds a lot like this type of welder fuses studs to a piece of metal. An arc is formed between the metal contained in the gun and the stud. The stud welder presses the stud against the metal, and the molten material cools and forms a bond.

This type of welding machine is used for dent repair. You can add the bolt to the indentation, pull it out to pop out the dent, and then cut the bolt.