Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Portable pipe Cutting Machine

Update:12 Apr 2019

Features: a, light, compact, can be manually moved and […]


a, light, compact, can be manually moved and cut, the price is cheap (the cheapest one in CNC cutting machine);

b. Portable CNC cutting machine can effectively improve the cutting quality of materials.

c. Portable CNC cutting machine can reduce the labor intensity of the author and improve the labor production efficiency.

CNC flame cutting: CNC flame cutting machine is a cutting method for CNC machine tools using gas with oxygen or gasoline with oxygen for cutting metal materials.

The main advantage:

a, can cut very thick carbon steel, it has a wide cutting range, can cut steel plate 6mm ~ 200mm thick;

b. The price of the flame cutting machine is relatively low, and the initial investment cost is also low.

Main disadvantages:

a, the preheating and perforation time required for cutting is long, and the cutting speed is slow;

b. The thermal deformation during cutting is large, especially when cutting a thin plate (0.5 to 6 mm), the cutting precision is not high.

c. It is impossible to cut non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum and stainless steel.

d. The way of burning fuel is more serious to the environment and not environmentally friendly.