butt welder installation and maintenance knowledge

Update:13 Jul 2019

For the use of the machine, we can't take it lightly. W […]

For the use of the machine, we can't take it lightly. We must have some knowledge of it, so that we can help everything about the machine. This is very important, no matter what machine is. The butt welder is the same, so what do you need to know about the installation and maintenance knowledge of the butt welder?

Before using the welding machine, use 500V megohmmeter to test the insulation resistance between the high voltage side and the casing of the welding machine is not less than 2.5 megohms. The new welding machine should be tightened once after 24 hours of use. It should be noted that the coupling screws between the copper soft joint and the electrode must be fastened. After use, the oxide between the electrode rod and the electrode arm should be removed frequently to ensure good contact. Oxide, dirt, oil and other surfaces on the workpiece surface. Impurities increase the contact resistance. Excessively thick oxide layers may even cause current to pass through. Local conduction, due to excessive current density, spatter and surface burnout. The presence of oxide layer also affects each solder. The uneven heating of the spot causes the welding quality to fluctuate. Therefore, thorough cleaning of the surface of the butt welderis necessary to ensure the quality of the joint. In addition, the installation of the butt welder must be properly grounded before use to ensure personal safety.

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