High power butt welder parameters and application scenarios

Update:17 Oct 2019

Un-25, 100, 150 type butt welder is easy to operate. Le […]

Un-25, 100, 150 type butt welder is easy to operate. Lever pressure is suitable for welding of high and low carbon steel alloy steel non-ferrous metal rods, plates, rings, tubes and other profiles. The corresponding series and corresponding adjustments are made by resistance welding or flash welding. The top forging force can weld different materials, and the different sections can obtain the ideal effect.

Structural summary

This series of welding machine is composed of main oil welding transformer, fixed electrode, moving electrode, feeding mechanism (pressurizing mechanism) water cooling system and control system.

The left and right electrodes are respectively connected to the conductor of the secondary coil of the welding transformer through a plurality of layers of copper, and the secondary coil of the welding transformer is cooled by circulating water, and protective plates are arranged on both sides of the welded portion to prevent molten metal from splashing into the transformer and In the switch. The welder must always clean the metal splash on the protective plate to avoid short circuit and other faults.

1. Feeding mechanism: The feeding mechanism can complete the melting and squeezing process required in the welding. It mainly includes the joystick, movable cross frame, adjusting screw, etc. When the joystick is moved in the two pole positions, the maximum electrode can be obtained. work plan.

2. Switch control: Press the button, then turn on the relay to make the AC contactor pull in, then the welding transformer is turned on. The mobile joystick can be used for resistance welding or flash welding. When the weldment is shortened due to plastic deformation, the specified upset forging is achieved. The stroke screw activates the stroke switch to automatically cut off the power supply. The control power supply has a secondary voltage of 36 volts. The transformer is powered to ensure the operator's personal safety.

3. Jaw (electrode): The left and right electrode holders (8) are equipped with a lower jaw (13), a lever type clamping arm (10), a clamping screw (9), and a handle with a handle (7). In order to clamp the clamping arm, the lower jaw is made of chrome-zirconium copper, and the lower side of the copper block is covered with a protective plate on both sides, and the negative protective plate is removed from the drawing.