Automatic hot melt welding machine control box structure

Update:26 Oct 2019

PE is polyethylene, the material can generally melt in […]

PE is polyethylene, the material can generally melt in the temperature range between 190 ° C - 240 ° C, usually in the gas pipeline construction in the fused connection and hot melt butt joints need to use PE automatic hot melt welding machine.


The hot-melt butt welding of polyethylene pipes has many process parameters and the operation process is also complicated. Therefore, the quality of welding is affected by human factors. The fully automatic butt welding machine is controlled by computer program, and the welding machine has automatic monitoring and prompting functions.


The automatic hot-melt welding machine control box is connected with a pressure sensor and a temperature probe, which can control and adjust the temperature of the heating plate, and can also control 5 stages such as preheating stage, endothermic stage, conversion stage, welding stage and cooling stage in the welding process. The time parameter of the phase. During work, each stage is allowed to set different pressures and maintenance times and record, and each work cycle can be automatically recorded and repeated. A new set of welding parameters is selected, and if the actual parameters are out of tolerance, an alarm action will occur.