Hot melt machine welding process introduction

Update:23 Nov 2019

The hot melt machine is divided into small hot melt mac […]

The hot melt machine is divided into small hot melt machine, medium hot melt machine, multi-function hot melt machine and other hot melt machine products. The hot melt machine transfers the heat of the heating plate to the upper and lower plastic heating parts by electric heating method. The surface is fused, solidified and integrated into the surface of the molten surface.

The hot melt machine is widely used as a special machine or with an automatic machine. It uses a high-performance heater and a high-precision thermocouple to accurately control the heating temperature, which makes the process stable and efficient. The hot melt machine is suitable for riveting, riveting, hot melt forming, hot melt cutting, metal screw embedding and the like between plastic and metal.

The hot melt machine does not require very high material quality, and the general plastic can be welded. After welding, the watertightness of the product can be guaranteed! Fastness can guarantee more than 80% of the body.

The hot melt machine is hot-melt based on the electrothermal principle, and its use is very wide. For example, in mobile phones, toys, computers, speakers, automobiles, etc., all of which need to be welded, can be welded.