How to choose electric fusion connection and thermal fusion connection for PE pipe

Update:28 Jul 2020

PE pipes are polyethylene plastic pipes. There are two […]

PE pipes are polyethylene plastic pipes. There are two ways to connect PE pipes: one is electric fusion connection, including electric fusion socket connection and electric fusion saddle connection; the other is hot fusion connection, including hot fusion socket Connection, hot melt saddle connection, hot melt butt connection. So, how to choose in the pipeline connection?


Use an electric fusion welder to control the current tube flowing through the resistance wire embedded in the tube to make the tube heat reasonably and heat the connection interface between the tube and the pipe.


The two ends of the welding pipeline are heated and melted by the heating plate and the heating plate is drawn out, and the two ends are quickly bonded together. By maintaining a certain pressure, they are connected after cooling.

Electrofusion connection has reduced human factors, stable and reliable quality, high construction efficiency/connection process and equipment tools are relatively simple, convenient operation, stable quality


The manufacturing technology of electrofusion pipe fittings is high, the cost is relatively high, and the operation technology is strict/need to strictly control the three factors of temperature, pressure and time


Note for PE pipe connection:
1. First of all, check the appearance and material of the connecting pipes and fittings, and do not use inferior or damaged pipes;
2. Use corresponding special heating tools according to the pipe interface form, and open flames cannot be used to heat pipe fittings;
3. When using hot melt connection, it is recommended to use pipe fittings of the same material for connection to ensure the connection quality;
4. Before connection, clean the pipes and pipe fittings to prevent the improper connection of pipes caused by adulteration;
5. After heating the pipe, the connection can be made when the temperature at both ends of the connection is the same;
6. In cold weather or windy weather, protective measures should be taken or the connection process should be adjusted;

After the piping is connected, cool it down first, and then check the appearance. If it fails, it should be reworked immediately.