The four connection methods of PE pipe are suitable for connecting which pipes

Update:04 Aug 2020

Hot-melt welding is generally the main connection metho […]

Hot-melt welding is generally the main connection method used in large-diameter HDPE pressure piping systems. Hot-melt welding machine socket connection is mainly the connection method selected for small-diameter HDPE pipes. When HDPE pipes are connected to other pipes such as metal pipes, they must Using flange connection, small diameter pipes can be over-connected with steel and plastic.


1. Hot melt butt joint:

Hot-melt butt welding uses a hot-melt butt welding machine to heat the pipe ends (the temperature of the hot-melt butt joint is 210±10℃). After the pipe ends are melted, they are quickly bonded together, maintaining a certain pressure, and cooling to achieve the purpose of welding.

HDPE pipes with a size greater than 90mm can be connected by hot-melt butt joints.


2. Saddle connection:

In the application process of HDPE pipes, the problem of tapping the main pipe according to actual needs is often encountered. Saddle-shaped tee can be connected by saddle-shaped tee, that is, a saddle-shaped butt welding machine is used to directly connect a saddle-shaped tee to the main pipe, and then use the equipped cutter to cut the main pipe. This is done The division of the supervisor, the construction was very fast.

3. Steel-plastic flange connection:

Flange connection should be adopted when it is connected with steel pipe and valve. The connection between the steel pipe end and the metal flange shall comply with the corresponding steel pipe welding regulations.

Steel-plastic flange connection


4. Electrofusion connection:

The electrofusion connection is to first put the electrofusion pipe fittings on the pipe, and then use a special electrofusion welding machine to energize the electrofusion pipe fittings according to the specified parameters (time, voltage, etc.), so that the inner surface of the electrofusion pipe fittings with the embedded heating wire The outer surface of the insertion end of the pipe melts, and the pipe material and the pipe fitting are fused together after cooling. Its characteristics are convenient and rapid connection, good joint quality, and little interference from external factors, but the price of fused pipe fittings is several times or even dozens of times that of ordinary pipe fittings (the smaller the diameter, the greater the difference).