How to choose electric welding machine

Update:07 Jan 2021

The structure of the electric welding machine is very s […]

The structure of the electric welding machine is very simple. To put it bluntly, it is a high-power transformer, but when we choose the electric welding machine, the first thing we consider is our own situation. So, what kind of electric welding machine is good? How to choose electric welding machine? Below, I will list some welding machine purchasing skills for everyone!
1. To confirm that the workpiece to be welded is ferrous metal, an AC welding machine is generally used. Because the AC welding machine adopts AC discharge welding, it is especially suitable for materials with large resistance value. At the same time, the AC welding machine can use single pulse, multi-pulse signal, cycle, time, voltage, current, and program control methods to control the welder. The parts implement single point, double point continuous, automatic control, and artificial control welding. Suitable for welding of tungsten, molybdenum, iron, nickel, stainless steel and other metal sheets, rods and wires.
2. To confirm that the material of the workpiece to be welded is non-ferrous metal, generally use energy storage electric welding machine. Because the energy storage electric welding machine uses energy storage capacitors for discharge welding, it has the characteristics of small impact on the power grid, concentrated welding current, fast release speed, strong penetrating power, and small heat affected area. Widely suitable for the welding of silver contacts, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and other metal sheets, rods and wires
3. To determine whether the material of the workpiece to be welded is phosphor copper, manganese copper or copper braided wire, AC brazing machine should be used. The AC brazing machine belongs to a sub-category of the AC welding machine. Therefore, the brazing machine also uses AC discharge welding. It uses the welding transformer duty cycle and is equipped with graphite (tungsten) electrodes to form a high resistance heating area. At the same time, it uses a single pulse , Multi-pulse signal, cycle, time, voltage, current, program control methods, implement single-point, double-point continuous, automatic control, and manual control of the welded workpiece.
4. Regarding the metal wire material and bar material butt welding, the butt welding machine should be used. Metal wire butt welding machine for metal halide lamps is also called hard wire guide wire machine. Energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, ordinary incandescent lamps and other metal wire butt welding machines are also called soft wire guides.
5. For the workpieces that need to be packaged and welded, the capping machine is generally used. The capping machine is manually loaded and unloaded. The machine automatically completes the inspection, transposition, sealing, vacuuming, nitrogen filling, welding, resetting, etc. A series of actions. When an error occurs in manual feeding, the machine will not perform welding to protect the welding mold from damage. The rotation of the turntable, the up and down movement of the cylinder and the oil cylinder, vacuuming, nitrogen filling and other actions can all be activated by the toggle switch to facilitate Observe and adjust each action. The oil of the oil cylinder is controlled by the solenoid valve to control the gas-liquid conversion cylinder, which effectively avoids oil leakage caused by directly controlling the oil circuit. The turntable is driven by a rotating cylinder. Avoid oil pollution caused by applying lubricating oil during mechanical transmission. The improvement of the welding mold can be applied to other occasions where sealing welding is required.
6. For special alloy materials that require high-precision and high-standard welding, you can choose an intermediate frequency inverter welding machine, or you can choose some better welding controllers to match the electric welding machine.