How to choose the right plastic welding machine equipment

Update:27 Dec 2019

There are two general methods of plastic welding: bondi […]

There are two general methods of plastic welding: bonding and welding. Generally speaking, the bonding process has low production efficiency, is not beautiful, and the adhesive has certain toxicity; while the welding process is relatively high in production efficiency, beautiful welding parts, and high welding strength, so the plastic welding process Wide application.

First, choose the correct weldable material. In the actual production process, only thermoplastics with the same or similar molecular structure can be welded. There is a chemical bond between the molecules on the welding surface, so the closer the parent material is, the better the welding effect. At the same time, the content of fillers in plastics has a great relationship with the weldability and welding quality of plastics, and they change the physical characteristics of the material. When the content of the filler exceeds 30%, due to insufficient surface plastic ratio and insufficient intermolecular fusion, the sealing performance of the weld is reduced.

Secondly, according to the type of material and the shape and cost of the product, appropriate welding methods should be adopted. According to the different heating and softening methods used, plastic welding can be divided into several types such as softening by external heating sources, mechanical movement and electromagnetic action.