Welding characteristics of electric fusion welding machine

Update:03 Jan 2020

Technically speaking, the electric fusion welding machi […]

Technically speaking, the electric fusion welding machine belongs to the power source scale. It integrates power electronics technology, active control technology, active detection and active identification technology, computer hardware technology, software technology, display technology, barcode scanning technology and database technology. Integrated, the first is to supply constant welding voltage or welding current for welding, and to detect and control the welding process, so that the welding result reaches the optimal shape.

1. Active IC closed-loop planning. When the welding needs are not satisfied with the welding conditions (such as voltage, current, and temperature problems) according to the standard, it can actively detect and judge a variety of welding problems, and prompt corresponding alarm codes for operator's reference.

2. A professional printer can print out the actual welding parameters in real time for archiving, which provides a reliable guarantee for grasping the first-hand welding real data, and copies the data to a computer for printing via USB.

3. The pipe joint conversion plug uses the latest patented products today. It changes the traditional connection method in the past, reduces the resistance change caused by poor contact during connection, and then avoids the welding practice parameters caused by the change in resistance value. deviation.