How to distinguish the small quality of the simple and fast pipe cutting machine?

Update:22 Oct 2020

People usually use simple and fast pipe cutting machine […]

People usually use simple and fast pipe cutting machines and small size can effectively improve the cutting efficiency and cutting quality of plates, and help operators reduce labor intensity. However, consumers who buy pipe cutting machines are most concerned about the quality of pipe cutting machines. How to distinguish the quality of the pipe cutting machine? After all, some domestic small and medium-sized enterprises and even large enterprises are using this cutting machine.
Vertical degree of incision
The verticality of the incision is a key indicator for evaluating the small cutting quality of a simple and fast pipe cutting machine. It is directly related to the degree to which the second processing is required after cutting. It is generally expressed by verticality or angle tolerance. Generally, the incision of plasma arc cutting is vertical. The degree is closely related to the thickness of the sheet and the process parameters.
Specific width of incision
The specific width of the incision is one of the most important characteristics of the cutting effect of the review facility. It also shows the smallest circular hole radius that can be cut by a simple and fast pipe cutting machine. Generally, the width of the incision needs to be measured by the size of the widest part of the incision. At present, the width of the cut of the more common cutting machine is generally 0.15 to 6 mm.
Surface finish
The smoothness of the cut surface is generally used to show the appearance of the incision, mainly to determine whether it needs to be processed in the future after cutting. The standard measurement method is generally to measure the value on the cross-sectional surface at two-thirds of the incision depth, and these have corresponding values The degree of finish required.