Regularly maintain the welding machine!

Update:30 Oct 2020

Maintenance method of welding machine    1. Perform reg […]

Maintenance method of welding machine
   1. Perform regular inspections. For example, check whether the rotation of the cooling fan is smooth when the welding machine is energized; whether there are abnormal vibrations, sounds and smells; whether there is leakage of gas; whether the joints of the welding wire and the insulation wrap are loose or peeled; the welding cables and various Whether there is abnormal heat generation in the wiring part.
   2. Because the welding machine is forced air-cooled, it is easy to suck in dust from the surrounding and accumulate in the machine. Therefore, we can regularly use clean and dry compressed air to blow away the dust inside the welding machine. Especially the parts such as transformers, reactor coils and gaps between coils and power semiconductors should be cleaned.
   3. Regularly check the wiring position of the power wiring. Whether the terminal screws on the input side, output side, etc., as well as the wiring part of the external wiring, the wiring part of the internal wiring, etc. are loose, remove the rust when it rusts to make the contact conductive.
4. Long-term use of the welding machine will inevitably cause the shell to be deformed due to contact, rust and damage, and internal parts will wear away. Therefore, in the annual maintenance and inspection, the replacement of defective parts and the shell repair and insulation deterioration Comprehensive repair work such as reinforcement of parts. The replacement of defective parts should be replaced with new products all at once during maintenance to ensure the performance of the welding machine.
   The above is the relevant precautions for purchasing a welding machine shared with netizens. I hope to help select a suitable welding machine. The above also introduces the maintenance method of the welding machine. Netizens in need can refer to it.