How to repair the fault of electric hot melt welding machine

Update:08 Nov 2019

First of all, let's take a look at the first problem of […]

First of all, let's take a look at the first problem of electric hot-melt welding machine. If the power is not connected, why not power it? That is the problem of burnout or power interface. How to solve this problem, we need to replace the accessories or re-power.


The second is the problem that the display does not display, the flower screen, and the machine beeps after power-on. The display may be damaged. The cause of the damage of the display is moisture, heat, impact, aging, and wiring. This problem is caused by our rewiring. And replace the display.


The third electric hot-melt welding machine is that the current cannot rise because the external power supply is undervoltage and the power supply line is laid too long. It is necessary to check the external power supply and re-apply.


The fourth reason is that the power supply cannot be normally operated according to the setting parameters. The reason is that the first current parameter is set too low. The method is to increase the first current parameter, the time is less than 30s, and then continue the normal parameter welding.


The fifth is to show that the welding is abnormal. Because the PE pipe is short-circuited by the heating element, we can stop the welding and wait for the cooling before welding.


The sixth is to show that the output is open, the resistance is lower than the lower limit, the PE pipe is abnormal, check the PE pipe and replace the pipe for welding.


The seventh is that the welding process is abnormal, the connecting column is hot, the output copper cap is aging, the copper cap is corrected or the new fitting is replaced.


The eighth is to show that the overcurrent and overvoltage cause are problems with the external power supply. It is necessary to check the external power supply and rewire.


The ninth is that the motor works but the hydraulic push is invalid because the hydraulic oil is not enough for the nominal position. The hydraulic oil can be inspected and supplemented with the specified hydraulic oil.