How to use PPR welding machine

Update:06 Dec 2019

1. Fix the fuser and install the heating tip, place the […]

1. Fix the fuser and install the heating tip, place the fuser on the rack, install the corresponding heating die according to the required pipe specifications, and tighten it with the internal hexagon, which is generally small at the front end.
2. The PPR fuser is powered on and turned on. Turn on the power (note that the power supply must be equipped with a grounding protection wire). The green indicator light is on and the red indicator light is off, indicating that the fuser has entered the automatic control state and can start operation. Note |: In the state of automatic temperature control, the red light and green light will alternately light up automatically, which means that the splicer is in a controlled state and does not affect the operation.
3. The PPR hot-melt welds the pipe. Use a pipe cutter to cut the pipe vertically. At the same time, push the pipe and the pipe into the welder die without rotation. Operate according to the requirements in the table below. After the heating time is reached, the pipe and pipe are immediately removed from the die Take off the head at the same time, and insert it straightly and quickly to the required depth without rotation, so that the joint forms a uniform flange.