How to use the pipe cutting tool

Update:27 Aug 2020

When installing piping components in Haier air conditio […]

When installing piping components in Haier air conditioners, it is often necessary to use pipe cutting tools to cut the connecting parts of the pipes, excessively long pipes or uneven nozzles, so as to realize the air conditioner pipe components. Substitution, maintenance or welding.

Features of pipe cutting tools

Pipe cutters are mainly used for cutting the refrigeration pipes of air conditioners. They are also often called pipe cutters and cutters. The pipe cutting tool is mainly composed of a pipe scraper, a roller, a blade and a knife feed knob.

Prompt description

Because the air conditioner refrigeration cycle has high requirements on the pipeline, impurities, dust and metal debris will cause the refrigeration system to block. Therefore, special equipment should be used to cut the refrigeration copper pipe to ensure that the cutting surface of the copper pipe is flat. , Smooth, and will not produce metal chips falling into the tube to block the refrigeration cycle system: The air conditioner refrigerant pipeline has different pipe diameters, and different specifications of pipe cutters can be selected for cutting. Figure 7-2 shows the characteristics of pipe cutting tools of different specifications.

When the pipe cutting tool is used for cutting operations, it is usually divided into two steps: adjustment and preparation before the operation, and the actual cutting operation. Before the actual pipe cutting operation, the initial state of the pipe cutting tool should be adjusted first, such as adjusting the space of the pipe to complete the preliminary preparations.

After adjusting the position of the pipe to be cut, it is necessary to perform specific pipe cutting operations. During the national pipe cutting process, always keep the roller and blade of the pipe cutting tool perpendicular to the pipe and hold it with one hand For the pipeline, turn the pipe cutting tool clockwise with the other hand.

When turning the pipe cutting tool, the feed speed should be properly adjusted through the feed knob. The feed should not be too fast or too deep to avoid chipping the blade or causing pipeline deformation. In the pipe cutting process, until the pipe is completely cut and disconnected, the pipe cutting operation is completed. After the normal pipe cutting is completed, the cutting surface of the pipe should be smooth and free of burrs.