Fully automatic hot melt welding machine is suitable for welding PP raw materials

Update:19 Aug 2020

Fully active hot melt welding machine is now suitable f […]

Fully active hot melt welding machine is now suitable for welding of PE, PP and other raw materials, or welding of various materials. In use, we can see that sensors, medical equipment, precision machinery, building materials and other occupations will use this kind of welding. The emergence of the machine.


The fully active hot melt welding machine has a good aspect ratio, small deformation and fast welding speed. Welding time, temperature, and pressure are fully controlled automatically, and the quality is good. This is well known to welders. It is flat, free of porosity, and the welding materials are more resistant, which can be compared with no materials. Humanized planning allows operators to complete operations more simply.

Full-automatic hot-melt welding machine can set different parameters according to different welding materials, so that welding parameters can be matched with welding requirements, and finally achieve the best welding effect. The dynamic data of the welding process can be printed out, or downloaded to the PC of the quality inspector through the data transmission system, so as to recheck the welding machine and the operator’s on-site performance. Fully active hot melt welding machine drag pressure detection and compensation, the heating plate automatically pops up, and the temperature Loss is minimized, and the quick clamping system improves the work efficiency by 30%.