The entire butt cooling process of the hot melt butt welder

Update:29 Sep 2019

When the hot melt butt welder is operated, reduce the d […]

When the hot melt butt welder is operated, reduce the drag resistance as much as possible, and clamp the pipe or pipe socket end on the butt welder; check whether the butt welder matches the pipe diameter and the regular docking cycle; move the movable clamp, Place the end of the pipe against the milling cutter. The proximity pressure should be such that a stable sheet can be produced on both sides of the milling cutter. When the end faces of the pipe or the end faces of the pipe are flat and parallel to each other, the planing operation is completed.
Then lower the pressure, hold the milling cutter to prevent the pipe and fitting from burring; move the clamp backwards and remove the milling cutter so that the tubing or fittings on the hot melt butt welder touch each other and view their condition. The socket end of the pipe or fitting shall be as aligned as possible, not exceeding the regular offset of the pipe fitting, ie 10% of the wall thickness of the pipe, and 1 mm in 1 mm.

Because of the frictional losses of the hot melt butt welder and the additional resistance to the drag resistance of the movable clamp moving forward, this pressure is added to the required butt weld pressure. If necessary, clean the welded surface and heat the contents, and heat the polyethylene residue on the object with a wooden scraper; check the heating and soldering surface coating is intact and not scratched.

Place the heating object between the end faces of the pipe so that the pipe on the hot-melt butt welder approaches the heating and applies a certain pressure until the melting flange reaches the regular width; the pressure is lowered, so that the pipe end face and the heating thing just adhere to each other. Touch; after reaching the endothermic moment, move the docking welder movable clamp backwards and remove the heating object. Quickly check the end of the heated pipe to determine whether the molten end face is damaged during the moving process of heating, and then move the butt welder movable clamp again to make the end face of the pipe touch.

During the entire docking process and subsequent cooling process, the hot melt butt welder should maintain a certain pressure; after reaching the butt weld and cooling time, the pressure of the butt welder is removed, so that the pressure is zero.