Solution to problems in the welding process of pipe hot melt welding machine

Update:23 Sep 2019

In the welding process of the pipe hot-melt welder, if […]

In the welding process of the pipe hot-melt welder, if the temperature is too low, after the end of the hot melt, it can be seen that the stigma is small, the components are loose, and even they can be separated. If you look at the thermostat at this time, you can see from the upper end of the thermostat display that the actual temperature has not reached the set temperature.

For this type of problem, first look at whether the thermocouple switch of the tube hot melt welder is on. If not, turn the thermocouple switch on first. The next thing to do is to wait patiently for the actual temperature to reach the set temperature before hot melt can be performed.

If it is found that the hot melt head of the pipe hot-melt welding machine and the hot-melt column are not in a linear relationship, after the end of the hot melt, the structural component can be seen, and the hot-melt column is only partially melted, in terms of appearance, It seems that the hot-melt column is suspected of being forced to bend. Unlike the low temperature, the structural components are very strong.

In the case of a similar phenomenon, it is necessary to reposition a properly assembled structural component. If it is normal after the hot melt, it indicates that the previous placement is not in place. If it is still the same, you will need to debug or reposition the fixture.

When the tube hot melt welding machine start button is pressed, the structural components are found to be misaligned, skewed, etc., and the emergency stop button is pressed, and the structural components are restored to the normal state due to the impact of the clamp base and the limit post. When the emergency stop button is pulled up, the hot melt machine continues to melt.

After the end of the hot melt, it can be seen that the column head of the hot-melt column is small. The reason is that the pressing and hot melting time are divided into two parts: emergency stop and down pressure and hot melt, which means that the hot melt time is insufficient. To solve this problem, it is necessary to place it in the hot-melt fixture for another hot melt.