Method for reducing wear of welding machine equipment

Update:22 Aug 2019

In the process of working in the stringer equipment, th […]

In the process of working in the stringer equipment, there will definitely be losses like the corresponding ones. So, how do you encounter these phenomena? First of all, you must know the reasons for the cost of the equipment. Specific analysis of specific problems, welding equipment The operation mode is also the switch setting of the equipment, or the structural design of the equipment is not appropriate, the post-maintenance work of the equipment is not done well, the loss of the parts is too large, etc. Sometimes, a small problem may cause the whole equipment The performance is degraded, so the staff should pay attention to rigor when using it.

The process of stringer equipment prior to string welding involves the welding and laying of panels, and each process may have undesirable behavior due to factors such as equipment, personnel, materials, methods, and the environment. Common unfavorable phenomena in the welding process include: battery cracking, welding, biasing, tin wire, tin slag, tin plating, flux crystallization residue, and the like. Common unfavorable phenomena during the laying process include: cell cracks, foreign matter, parallel film, small string spacing, poor backing plate, backing strip not centered, busbar spacing is small, busbar bending, busbar welding, busbar length is different, barcode is poorly attached, counter Reverse.