PE pipe welding method

Update:29 Aug 2019

We can see that the amount of PE pipe used by us is rel […]

We can see that the amount of PE pipe used by us is relatively large, and it has its own unique advantages, so we have to master the welding method. How many welding methods does it have? I will introduce it to you in the next article.
Hot melt docking
1. The hot melt butt joint uses a hot melt butt welding machine to heat the pipe end. After the pipe end is melted, it is quickly attached to it, maintains a certain pressure, and is cooled to achieve the purpose of welding.
The size of more than 90mm can be connected by hot melt butt joint process. This method is economical and reliable. Its interface has higher strength than the coffin itself when it is under tension and pressure.
2. Saddle docking connection
In the application process, the problem of carrying out the main tapping according to the actual needs is often encountered. The traditional and the pipe must first cut off a section of the main pipe, and then install a tee to complete the tapping. The saddle-shaped tee can be connected by means of butt joints, that is, a saddle-shaped butt welder is used, and a saddle-shaped tee is directly connected to the main pipe, and then the cut-to-cut main pipe is used, so that the main pipe is bent, and the construction is very Fast.
3. Steel-plastic flange connection
Pipes and steel pipes and valves should be connected by steel-plastic flanges. The pipe ends and the corresponding plastic support rings can be connected by hot-melt butt joints. The connection between the steel pipe ends and the metal flanges should meet the welding requirements of the corresponding steel pipes. The flange piece can be used to bend into the connection with the steel pipe.
Flange connection is also suitable for the interconnection between the two pipes. Generally speaking, there is no need for a seal ring between the support ring and the support ring, but in large size and high pressure working conditions, it is still necessary to add a seal ring when the support ring and Sealing rings must be used when piping of other materials is flanged.