Pipeline cutter maintenance and care

Update:28 Mar 2019

1. When the cutting machine is in use, the dirt such as […]

1. When the cutting machine is in use, the dirt such as iron scraps adhered to the roller should be removed frequently with a brush.
2. For the surface of the steel pipe (the part where the magnetic wheel walks), use a wire brush to remove iron filings, rust and other dirt.
On the unpainted steel pipe, it is not possible to cut it to prevent the paint from sticking to the roller and reduce the magnetic attraction.
3. During cutting, it is necessary to prevent the oxygen-acetylene gas pipe and the power cord from catching it, causing the cutting machine to fall and be damaged.
4. After the cutting machine is used up, it should be placed on the magnetic protection iron plate and stored in a dry place to avoid rust and demagnetization of the roller.
5. The deceleration part is lubricated with molybdenum disulfide No. 9 grease. It should be changed every six months or so. It should be cleaned with carbon tetrachloride before changing.
Then apply the grease.
6, after the magnetic wheel is used for a certain period of time (usually in a year or so), if there is demagnetization, the adsorption force can be removed.
The magnetic wheel set is re-magnetized.
7. During use, when the machine detects that the downhill impulse is too large, the left upper cover and the upper right cover can be opened, and the left and right brackets are inserted.
Line adjustment, the worm and the helical gear mesh the gap to ensure the cutting quality.