What to pay attention to when buying a plastic pipe cutter

Update:22 Mar 2019

First, the cutting accuracy Generally, the requirements […]

First, the cutting accuracy

Generally, the requirements for use in the construction industry are below ±0.5mm; however, the requirements for use in automotive mirrors are below ±0.Olmm. The cutting precision that each machine manufacturer can provide is generally ±0. 2mm or less, but this can not be seen from the introduction of the product manual. At the time of acceptance, there should be a complete set of procedures for testing the cutting accuracy. Quasi, we generally have more than a dozen test samples. Through testing, we can fully understand the flatness of the cutting platform and the level of synchronization control of the control system.

Second, the cutting speed

Under the premise of satisfying the cutting precision, we can talk about the speed. Because the cutting platform is short, it is difficult to judge whether it reaches the highest speed with the eyes. We can use the software simulation function of the servo drive of the cutting machine to check whether the motor speed is reached. highest. When testing the cutting speed, there is no need to cut the speed to increase the acceleration and deceleration. Each axis can be tested separately or simultaneously.

Third, automatic typesetting optimization function

On the side of the cutting machine, considering the processing cost and the special nature of the book type, it is generally not arranged for people with high education to dry. This requires the operation of the cutting machine to be simple and easy to understand, not too complicated, otherwise it will cause Can afford the situation that the machine can't afford the machine. It is best to have the function of avoiding defects, because there are sometimes defective products in the domestic floor glass. The graphics library of the profiled cutting should be more and more flexible, and the CAD-made graphics should also be involved in the layout.

Fourth, easy to maintain

Do not equip the I/0 signal and the mechanical sensor. The unnecessary switches and indicators should be as small as possible. Once a certain device on the machine fails, it will affect the use of the cutting machine. There are also fewer lines for easy troubleshooting and replacement of components, and it is best to debug the status of each I/O signal on the screen. Maintenance costs are an important factor that must be considered when purchasing a machine.

Fifth, save energy

When the cutting size requirements can also be fulfilled, the choice of energy-saving cutting opportunities brings many benefits to the company. One is to protect the environment and save energy; the other is to save the daily expenses of the company.