Precautions and protective measures for welding machine rental

Update:28 Jun 2019

Due to the large difference in workplaces, the work is […]

Due to the large difference in workplaces, the work is accompanied by the generation of electricity, light, heat and open flames. In addition, after the electric welding machine is rented, it is not professional personnel to operate irregularly, so there are various hazards in the welding work.
First, easy to cause electric shock
1. During the welding process, the welder should frequently change the welding rod and adjust the welding current. The operation should directly contact the electrode and the plate, and the welding power source is usually 220v/380v. When the electrical safety protection device is faulty, the labor protection products are unqualified. When the operator violates the regulations, it may cause an electric shock. If soldered in a metal container, on a pipe, or in a wet location, the risk of electric shock is greater.
2. When the welding machine is unloaded, the secondary winding voltage is generally 60~90v. Because the voltage is not high, it is easily ignored by the welder, but its voltage exceeds the specified safety voltage of 36v, there is still some danger. Welders can be paralyzed and can easily cause electric shock.
3, power line, electrical circuit insulation aging, insulation performance is reduced, easily lead to leakage accidents.

Second, easy to cause fire and explosion accidents

Due to arcing or open flame during welding, it is very likely to cause fire when working in places with flammable materials.

Third, easy to cause burns

Due to the spark splash of electric welding, if the protective isolation measures are not taken, it is easy to cause skin burns of the welder himself or the construction personnel under the working surface.

Fourth, easy to cause electro-optic ophthalmia

Due to the strong fire visible light and a large amount of invisible ultraviolet light during welding, it has a strong stimulating effect on human eyes. Long-term direct irradiation can cause eye pain, photophobia, tearing, fear of wind, etc., which may lead to conjunctiva and The cornea is inflamed.

Fifth, with the role of light radiation

The arc light generated during welding contains infrared rays, ultraviolet rays and visible light, and has a radiation effect on the human body. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to human skin, and long-term exposure to exposed skin can also cause skin peeling. Long-term exposure to visible light can cause eyesight to decrease.
6. Easy to produce harmful gases and fumes

Since the arc temperature generated during the welding process reaches 4200 ° C or above, gasification, evaporation and condensation will occur after the welding of the electrode core, the coating and the metal weldment, and a large amount of manganese chromium oxide and harmful smoke will be generated; The high temperature of light and strong radiation also cause toxic gases such as ozone and nitrogen oxides to be generated in the surrounding air. Engaged in electric welding for a long time under poor ventilation conditions. These toxic gases and fumes are inhaled by the human body and have a certain impact on human health.