What should the cutting machine body transformation project follow

Update:17 May 2019

1. Transform the implementation party's choice The qual […]

1. Transform the implementation party's choice

The quality of the CNC cutting machine is greatly improved. The quality of the construction team is largely due to economic factors. This is a very important task. Companies involved in project construction should have the following conditions.

(1) Complete and efficient technical support system The key is the human factor. The company should have a team of engineers, including mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and process tools, with many years of experience in design, manufacturing, assembly, and commissioning. At the same time, there should be a team of on-site construction teams that can fight hard. This mode of work is a popular mode under the economic conditions of today's market.

(2) Adaptation to the business management model under the conditions of market economy The key is human factors. Abandoning all the organizational forms and management methods in enterprise management under the condition of planned economy, and building an enterprise structure that can respond quickly to market demand, and continuously improve and perfect in the development of market economy, and also consider this The company's size, funding status and many other factors.

2. Hardware order

After comprehensive consideration as above, the construction team has been selected, the details of the technical plan are determined, and the order list can be listed. Users and engineering companies can consider the two aspects of cost reduction and reliability assurance in a mutual trust, determine the domestic and international order list, and sign the formal transformation contract. At the same time as the order is placed, the engineers can begin to carry out system mechanical overhaul, repair and electrical software preparation, and laboratory commissioning.

3. On-site debugging

This is the key link for the success of the transformation. At this stage, the engineers complete the machine and power adjustment, the final debugging of the CNC system, the optimization of the parameters of the drive system, and preparation for acceptance.

4. Trial processing acceptance

There are usually two contents: test cutting of standard samples. According to international standards, different types of CNC cutting machines have corresponding standard test cutting procedures; the accuracy of CNC cutting machines is verified according to the level of measurement of each factory. Means, the conditional user can use the laser interferometer to measure, so that the compensation of the position measuring system of the CNC cutting machine can use the obtained data, thereby improving the precision of the numerical control cutting machine.

5. Information, training and warranty

After the acceptance work, technical data is also required to be collated, archived and provided to the user, as well as technical training and warranty work for the user.