How to improve the cutting utilization rate of cutting machine

Update:11 May 2019

The utilization rate of sheet blanking materials and th […]

The utilization rate of sheet blanking materials and the life of cutting consumables are one of the main factors affecting the economic benefits of enterprises. The CNC cutting machine can complete the trajectory cutting of the raw material, but it is not intelligent to automatically optimize the cutting trajectory of the raw material. This needs to be completed with the relevant nesting software. Of course, it is not necessary to purchase the nesting material for each cutting and cutting of the enterprise. The software, especially when the processing material is single and the cutting shape is fixed, can make a simple picture arrangement in CAD drawing to maximize the material usage rate and reduce the processing cost. Co-edge cutting is also the most effective way to save on cutting consumables.
Any mechanical equipment should not be used frequently by the switch machine, specifically on the CNC cutting machine. The multiple switch machines not only reduce the working efficiency, but also have loss to the equipment. Enterprises should reasonably plan the use time of equipment, try to complete the cutting task as soon as possible, and try to reduce the downtime caused by maintenance.