Routine maintenance of portable cutting machine

Update:05 May 2019

1. The machine should be cleaned comprehensively every […]

1. The machine should be cleaned comprehensively every week, horizontal and vertical guide rails, drive gear racks are cleaned, and lubricating oil is added.

2. After replacing the consumables or after a long period of downtime, the gas should be removed (2-3 minutes is appropriate) to ensure that water and mist are discharged from the torch.

3. When replacing consumables or routine maintenance inspections, be sure to clean the internal and external threads of the torch. If necessary, clean or repair the connecting threads.

4. Pay attention to the presence or absence of lubricating oil on the horizontal and longitudinal guide rails of the machine and the surface of the rack to keep it well lubricated.

5. Check all the torches for looseness, clean the garbage at the ignition gun, and keep the ignition normal.

6. If there is an automatic height adjustment device, check whether it is sensitive and whether to replace the probe.

7. Every working day must clean the dirt of the machine tool and guide rails, keep the bed clean, turn off the air source and power supply when leaving work, and drain the remaining air in the machine tube.

8. If you leave the machine for a long time, turn off the power to prevent non-professionals from operating.