How to maintain the drive shaft of CNC cutting machine

Update:26 Apr 2019

1, the smoothness of the spindle components The smoothn […]

1, the smoothness of the spindle components

The smoothness of the spindle components is to reduce the mission temperature and extended service life of the bearings. Generally speaking, low-speed grease and oil circulation are smooth; high-speed oil mist and oil and gas smoothing methods are adopted. However, it is worth noting that too much fat, but it is easy to aggravate the spindle fever. Therefore, it is necessary to select a suitable capacity when adding smooth grease.

The reversing smoothing system not only allows for superior smooth results, but also reduces the friction and fever, as well as the heat of the spindle assembly. Therefore, it is universal. The recirculating smoothing system uses a hydraulic pump to supply oil smoothly, and uses an oil temperature controller to control the oil temperature of the fuel tank.

2. Cooling of the spindle components

The goal of cooling the main shaft components is to reduce the bearing fever and to control the heat source.

3. Sealing of the main shaft components

The seals of the spindle components are non-contact and contact sealed. The goal is not only to avoid the entry of dust, debris and cutting fluid, but also to avoid slipping of smooth oil. For non-contact seals, the oil return can be drained as soon as possible and the oil return hole is delayed; contact seals should be carefully observed for aging and damage.